All new suppliers and distributors who join EZ-base are invited to participate in our training course free of charge. All existing relations are, of course, also welcome to attend as a refresher course. The training course is divided into three parts:

1. Creating data files
How to provide correct data to ensure your products are presented in the best possible way in the EZ-base and the websites, web shops, catalogues, ERP systems and for private use? Product data can be manually added and modified. The data can also be imported using our import file. This is particularly useful when adding or modifying various products. Both methods are addressed during the training course.

2. EZ-catalog product data management
EZ-catalog is a product data management program. The data is subsequently published via EZ-web. The product classification is essential for the useful display of the data. The course extensively addresses the classification of products as well as qualitative data enrichment through functions and formatting.

3. EZ-web publication platform functions
EZ-web is an online user platform that displays all your data. The training course addresses the most efficient way to search within the available data and how to export the data or certain data for private use or further distribution.

All training courses are at the EZ-base offices in Devon. The courses are provided free of charge. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss taking part in a training course.