ERP-program with integrated article database.

SOFTWARE: dgeGroothandel
Dge has been developing software and creating a product database for retail and wholesale in the hardware, tools, DIY, garden and animal products industries since 1991. The basic philosophy of linking markets is still the general principle behind our activities.
Over the years our software has developed into a complete ERP programme with a valuable amount of data. The integrated product database contains more than 2 million unique products. This is a power tool that is beyond compare.
Our software is always up-to-date because we closely follow developments in the market. For example, our software contains a link to EZ-base. This links ensures that the products in our database are supplemented with data from EZ-base. This data can, for example, be used to automatically create a web shop.

Link with EZ-base
At night a file is uploaded to EZ-base via the ERP packages dgeGroothandel and dgeDetailhandel (through an “automatic task” and via the D-Soft connector), containing all the products the entrepreneur has specified for his own product range.

EZ-base returns a file of the linked products (via the D-Soft connector) containing the enriched data.
This enriched data is read by the ERP package and can be used to generate quotations, among other things.

The data can also be used to create an OpenCart web shop. The EZ-base classification is then used as the web shop’s group structure.
More information on the link with OpenCart is available here.

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