In EZ-base, assets refer to additional information that can be assigned to each product category and/or product. Examples of assets are production information sheets, feature sheets, videos, safety data sheets and much more. Including as many assets as possible will enrich your product data and can be shared with your customers via the ArtLink. They can then use them for their own purposes, such as their website or catalogue. If you enter as much data as possible your products will be digitally optimised and presented accurately, both in EZ-base and in the distributor’s communication.

Different kinds of assets can be added to your products and product categories.

In EZ-web a variety of product images (pictures, logos, icons) are displayed. These images are accessible by EZ-base members. Using a distinctive URL they can use the images (in different sizes) in, for example their online shop or catalogue.


A logo can be uploaded for each product category. It will be displayed with the relevant product in EZ-base and can also be included in, for example, the distributor’s online shop or catalogue.

Quality mark (Icon)
In case quality marks apply to a product (product category), these can be submitted here. They will then be displayed with the relevant product in EZ-base. They can also be published in the distributor’s online shop or catalogue.

Header icon
Features can be displayed as an icon in EZ-base. These can also be used in the distributor’s online shop or catalogue.

Value icon
The value of certain features such as colour (or f.i. packaging) can in EZ-base be represented as an icon. Instead of the colour description you will see the colour itself. These can also be used in for example the distributor’s online shop or catalogue.

Besides the default (company) URL, different kinds of documents can be published in EZ-base as a URL (reference to the file). These can also be forwarded to the distributor.

This ensures that all compulsory documents such as Declaration of Performance, CE marking and safety information sheets are available to your customers.

Other documents that can be uploaded as a URL include posters, specification texts, brochures, CAD or technical drawings, components drawings, product information sheets, or a product selector but also videos or online catalogues.