Companies invest many hours daily in keeping their product files up to date. This includes all data from product logistics data through to rich information to be published on websites or in catalogues. The objective of EZ-base is to simplify the collection of data immediately and, in the future, to standardise data.

Man looking at a computer screen, thinking about the job at hand

The EZ-base team works on converting supplier product data into rich, uniform data. The uniform data can be used by the search engines applied by specialist retailers on various websites. EZ-base supports the supplier as well as the distributor with the management, maintenance and distribution of product information.

All our customers can use the underlying Product Information Management (PIM) system, EZ-catalog. This is the system in where the EZ-base product range is maintained. The useful EZ-catalog functions allow you to improve and enrich product data. Within EZ-catalog, the formatting to be copied when producing catalogues and when adding data to websites and online shops is also determined.

In addition, our members increasingly use the software to resolve internal data issues. The EZ-base product data can be exported easily and quickly for your own use and third-party use.