Catalogues, price lists, folders, magazines, special offer folders, etc. We can make sure your customers can flip though the pages of any publications on your website to ensure the publication attracts customers. A great solution to display your printed matter digitally!

We can include various types of links in the publication:

  • Deep links: the products in your browsable publication are linked to product data on your website. The corresponding website or online shop information is displayed when a customer clicks on the deep link.
  • Page links: page numbers (for example, in the Table of Contents) are linked to the corresponding pages. The corresponding page is displayed when a customer clicks on the page link.
  • Web links: the website or email addresses in your publication are linked to the corresponding websites or to the customer’s e-mail application. The corresponding website or email application will be opened ready for sending emails.

It is possible to embed your publication on your own website, see an example here.