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Products must be classified so they can be easily located in the database. EZ-base has developed its own tree structure, based on market experience. This classification will be supplemented where necessary. In addition to this EZ-base classification you can also link your products to your own classification.


The advantages of adding your own classification:

  • You can process your product according to your own tree structure.
  • Filtering in EZ-base is then possible based on your own characteristics.
  • Your own classification can be reused in your own publications.

EZ-base comprises various classifications. Searches can be performed within the EZ-base classification, ETIM classification and your own classification. As a specialist retailer you can include products based on your own product classification. In this way you can reproduce your own website (classification) within EZ-base. This increases the “findability” of your products.


Do you have multiple classifications for different purposes? No problem, you can manage multiple classifications using the software. Your customer, however, will only see 1 classification. For this purpose you can specify a main classification in the management programme.


Suppliers also submit their own classifications. The various classifications can be filtered by brand, type, make, supplier and characteristic. Within the EZ-base classification these are our standardised properties. The ETIM classification includes ETIM characteristics and with your own classification you provide the characteristics. The EZ-web filter adapts to the selected classification. This means you can locate products in EZ-web in various ways.