As a distributor, you want to get product data from EZ-base as efficiently as possible to be able to use it for your business. EZ-base has developed the ArtLink for this purpose.
With the ArtLink you can exchange files with our platform to determine your product selection in EZ-base and receive all enriched product data back in an export file.

EZ-web contains huge numbers of products from many suppliers. A distributor or purchasing group wants to be able to make a product selection that is relevant to them. That is why a link can be established between their own product information and the product information from EZ-web. The link is called “ArtLink”.

What is the ArtLink?

The ArtLink is a file that can be generated automatically from your ERP system. It contains the supplier data of the desired products, such as article number and GTIN, to establish a link with the supplier products in EZ-base. We will return to all the possibilities with the ArtLink format at the bottom of this page.
You can contact your ERP supplier to have our ArtLink format, click here for the full description, compiled from your system and exported.
Of course it is very important that the supplier data in your ERP system is filled in correctly and as completely as possible, this increases your chances of a link with the relevant product in EZ-base.

Advantages of the ArtLink

  • You continue to manage your assortment in one central place, your own ERP system.
  • By periodically planning your ArtLink import, your assortment can already be adjusted the next day in EZ-base.
  • All kinds of possibilities to optimise your export file by means of 1 single ArtLink file.
  • Possibility to consistently refresh your product selection for your catalogue or feed for E-commerce.
  • The specialist retailer has direct insight into which products from its range are available in EZ-base and which are not.
  • Via ArtLink, the distributor can enrich the available product information of the suppliers with its own product information (classification, related articles, free fields, synonyms).
  • The supplier gets an insight into which products the trade wants to receive from the suppliers.
  • The supplier gains insight into the assortment of the trade.

How to start up an ArtLink

You contact your ERP supplier and discuss the ArtLink. If you have received the message from your ERP supplier that the ArtLink file can be generated and a 1st test file can be created, please contact EZ-base.
EZ-base will create an FTP account on a server containing 2 folders, an “/in folder” and an “/out folder”.
In the “/in folder” the ArtLink file can be automatically placed every day by your ERP supplier and in the “/out folder” the export file will be placed containing all the information of the linked supplier articles from the ArtLink process.

In addition to creating this FTP account, 2 tasks must also be scheduled in your web environment, one import task and one export task. This way, our system knows that ArtLink files need to be read automatically and that an export file needs to be created automatically with all the results of the ArtLink process.

Would you also like to make use of the many ArtLink advantages? Look here for an extensive explanation.
Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.