Services concerning (securing) electronic data traffic.


D Soft creates and implements products and services in the area of electronic messaging and mainly focuses on the security thereof. Our DocTrails platform is currently mainly implemented for technical wholesalers and processes not only large numbers of electronic invoices, but also other messages.

Through the DocTrails – EZ-base link digital orders from wholesalers are first checked in the EZ-base database before they are submitted to the supplier. If an order line is missing data, or data is incomplete, the order is held for a certain period of time (e.g. 2 hours) in DocTrails. Both the supplier and the wholesalers are notified if this is the case. If the supplier decides to ignore this, he will receive an order that is missing information. It would be preferable if the supplier would login to the DocTrails portal and opt for having the order populated with data from EZ-base. The supplier will then have a correct order that can be immediately processed. This would save on administration.

Thanks to the link between EZ-base and DocTrails the wholesaler can be assured that the order will first be validated before it is being processed by the supplier. The supplier can use the link to follow the order process and intervene where necessary. This leads to increased quality and quantity of the EDI messages.

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