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Kerridge Commercial Systems is a software supplier with more than 30 years experience in the automation industry. Since 1977 we have been focusing on optimising business processes in various industries. If you are looking for specific ERP software that fully supports your business processes, we can offer the right solution for your organisation.

As we have expertise in a variety of software technologies and industries we can always provide objective expert advice. New technologies and trends in IT and software are developed in consultation with the user group and geared to your industry. This ensures that your software is always up-to-date with the latest trends and is fully tailored to your business processes. We provide ERP software to trade organisations, project organisations, rental companies and installation companies.

AGP Trade has been specifically developed for technical wholesalers. Thanks to its very broad functionality and the variable software settings AGP Trade is the perfect software package for modern trade companies. This comprehensive solution enables full automation of purchase and sales processes, stock management, product management, relation management, logistics, invoicing and financial management. Workshop, counter sales, scanning, production, assembly, service and planning can be added as an extension to these functionalities.

AGP Trade offers links with applications via the internet, such as E-catalogues, E-shop, E-CRM, E-Service and EZ-base. Product data (available in the online catalogue) can be transferred to AGP Trade through the link with EZ-base. Links can be created to specific products to offer additional product information at product level in the web shop. Periodic synchronisations with the EZ-base catalogue can be performed to update prices, and specific suppliers can be traced. For example, when new products are added to the catalogue, these are automatically included in Trade’s product database.

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