Within the dashboard, status information about the product information can be found.
This status information is converted into a data evaluation, which shows at a glance the quality of the data per supplier by means of a star indication.

The dashboard can be found in EZ-web, under the supplier tab.

The data valuation is based on the data found in the dashboard. This data is generated from the data present in EZ-web. The data valuation is of course also included in the dashboard exports.

Weighing factor of the data valuation
How are the number of stars arrived at?
Obviously, this depends on a large number of factors. In order to present this picture as purely and fairly as possible, a weighing factor has been determined for each data component, which results in the data rating.

The table below shows the most important criteria.

Valuation criterionDashboard nameDescriptionWeigh factor
AvailableDefinedStandardizedFeatureAvailable defined standardised featuresThe number of normalised features delivered. For each classification, EZ-base specifies the most important features: the established normalised features. This percentage indicates the extent to which the supplier delivers the determined features.50
TotalNumberOfArticlesPIMTotal number of articles PIMThe number of articles in EZ-catalog, compared to the number of articles in EZ-web. The articles that are not properly classified and/or edited will not be approved, will not appear in EZ-web, which has a negative effect on this rating.50
ArticlesWithGTINArticles with GTINThe number of items where the GTIN has been filled compared to the number of items in EZ-web.50
ArticlesWithAtLeastOneImageArticles with 1 image minimumThe number of articles with at least one uploaded image compared to the number of articles in EZ-web.50
TranslationsGerman_ArticleNamesTranslations article names GermanThe percentage of article names translated into German.50
TranslationsEnglish_ArticleNamesTranslations article names EnglishThe percentage of article names translated into English.50
TranslationsFrench_ArticleNamesTranslations article names FrenchThe percentage of article names translated into French.50
TranslationsItalian_ArticleNamesTranslations article names ItalianThe percentage of article names translated into Italian.50
TranslationsPolish_ArticleNamesTranslations article names PolishThe percentage of article names translated into Polish.50
TranslationsSpanish_ArticleNamesTranslations article names SpanishThe percentage of article names translated into Spanish.50

Please note that the weighing of the languages is based on the data languages covered by the contract

How to proceed?

If you have 5 filled stars, there is of course little you can do. Your data meets all the criteria. However, if you have a number of stars where improvement is possible, then it is important to improve your data to such an extent that you increase the number of stars.

In the table above you can see which items weigh the most. When you make an export of the dashboard, you will immediately see where your data can be improved.
In our manual you will find several handy instruction videos to help you on your way.

Do you have questions about improving your data? Please contact our data department.