Product content distribution to all channels with just 1-Click

One of the biggest challenges for building and construction suppliers is to provide wholesalers, retailers and professionals with the product information they need at the right moment.

The software supports building and construction manufacturers with:

  • 1-Click Content Syndication, fast, easy distribution of content to customers and data channels; complete, compliant and up-to-date.
  • Product Portfolio Content Centralisation, a single, central source in which all product portfolio is stored and managed.
  • Product Portfolio Development Management, connecting product content management with project management for product development and label & artwork creation.
  • Dynamic Project Prioritisation, improving Portfolio Development approaches so that you can prioritize better to start, kill, speed-up or slow down projects that turn concepts into products.

SyncForce has a standard EZ-base connector supporting the distribution of commercial information, technical specifications, images and logistical information.

SyncForce also provides standard connectors to, ERP-systems (SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft), WebCMS systems (e.g. Sitecore and Umbraco) e-commerce systems (e.g. Intershop and Magento) and multiple datapools (e.g. 2BA, GS1 and InstallData).

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